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About Primor Doces e Caramelos Ltda.

Primor specializes in fruit processing in a variety of qualities, as conventional, organic and biodynamic. We process fruits like apple, banana, grape, guava, orange, between other fruits. From those we make juice, puree, jam, jelly, fruitchew and paste. Our main products are Apple Juice and Puree, Banana Puree, Guava Puree and Integral Orange Juice, in different qualities that come from the conventional, to organic and biodynamic.

Integral Apple Juice and Puree

Apples still in its branch, ready to be picked and processed in our plant, becoming a delicious apple puree or apple juiceThis is a new product made of conventional apples from our region, coming to fulfill a request from one of our clients. It is made from ripe apples of the Gala and Fuji varieties and came to innovate the traditional market for this product. Our Integral Apple Juice and Apple Puree has all the fibers, pulp, color and aroma of a freshly made apple juice, ideal for you to create that special juice you want to deliver to your costumers or to blend into a delicious mix of juices. We are working together with the farmer so the product is already in convertion to be Organic. Soon we will have this product in Organic quality as well.

Organic and Biodynamic Banana Puree

This is a photo of a banana cluster taken in our own plantation. After gaining the correct weight those are picked and brought to get to the correct brix in our mature rooms, then being processed in the most delicious banana puree that you will ever taste. Our plantations have a variety of certifications, bringing from this care all vitality that a organic and biodynamic banana puree need.The Banana Puree is the oldest product made for industry that we produce. We sell this in conventional, organic and biodynamic qualities and we were the first to produce it as Biodynamic Banana Puree in the world. We plant the bananas that we process in our own farms and in plantations of selected farmers of our region. The bananas are picked from the fields still not ready for production and they reach the correct mature point in special rooms we have in our plant. After this they are washed and hand peeled, being aseptically processed into a closed system, being packed into special double plastic bags that goes into a steel drum. We are proud to share that our Banana Puree reaches all kind of industries, including some very pick about their raw material like the baby food industry.

Organic and Biodynamic Guava Puree

The guavas we plant from the 'Paluma' variety are showing excellent results in the organic and biodynamic plantations and in the production of puree from this fruit. The beautiful color as well as the delicious aroma make our own Guava Puree and extraordinary candidate for the best in its class.The Guava Puree we produce is made from fruits which trees are planted in our own farms. We nurse them from the trees and bring them with all care to our processing plant, where they are washed, picked and then aseptically treated into special double plastic bag that fits into a steel drum. It has a natural pink colour, traditional to the Paluma variety. Also, our unique machinery saves most of the guava own qualities like aroma, taste, color and texture. All fibers are there giving the puree that exquisite flavour in whole juices and blends. We have the Guava Puree in Conventional, Organic and Biodynamic qualities.

Integral Organic Orange Juice

This photo shows the same sensations that a person that had tasted our Organic Orange Juice had: beauty, brightness, coolness and fulfillment. All this with that natural touch that only the organics have.Our Orange Juice born to be the best of its class. We receive the oranges from the farms, clean them from dust, hand pick the ones that are not fit for processing, squeeze them into a close environment and treat it aseptically into a double bag that goes into a steel drum. The minimum processing guarantees that the most of the orange qualities are kept, bringing the fresheness of a just squeezed juice to the Integral Organic Orange Juice. We work with the Natal, Pera and Valencia varieties that are sweet and have good color. All our goods are kept at environment temperature and happens so due to the fact that our aseptic treatment is unique and very advanced. It was developed in house, coming from more then 50 years of experience in the field.
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